Live Casino

Live Casino is the closest you can get to the real game feeling you have when you play at a land based casino. When you play live casino you’ll meet real dealers and play casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat at the real table instead of against machines and digital games. When you play casino live, you play actually in a land based casino where other also play as you understand it is like to play at a land based casino but with the advantage of not paying the journey there because you can play precisely at the moment when you feel at home from the couch. Below you will see them best EU online casinos with live dealers based on how good the company is, if there are english-speaking dealers and which offer them. Looking for Swedish casinos that accept casino invoice? Visit!

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About Live Casino

Live Casino is a new kind of casino experience that came to the market a few years ago via the new gaming providers who thought it was a given that casino players around the world could get as realistic casino experience possible solid than those sitting at home on the couch, at the computer or maybe on the bus on the way to work. A live casino allows you to casino players get to play with real dealers sitting in a webcam and talk to you while you place your bets on roulette, blackjack or baccarat table games.

Live Dealers

When you play live casino in EU, you play along with any of the live dealers who are employed by the gaming provider that offers the casino. What this is will vary depending on which supplier it is you’re working on and we usually recommend to play with live dealers who are English-speaking, as this tends to be nicer to the EU customers. Of course it can be fun and exciting to talk with live dealers from other countries in other languages, and this is something which is also offered at many of the casinos we list on our site. Our goal with this site is to help you find just what you want to get the absolute most optimal live casino experience

No deposit bonus at casinos

Casino bonuses and no deposit bonuses at live casino is something you should stay away from any place where they almost always have very high rollover requirements. This is something that goes hand in hand with it very much better chance of winning when playing table games instead of slot machines and this allows casinos are forced to put a very high rollover requirements for these games. When it comes to No deposit bonus you can not expect that these can be used at all on live casino product because it is generally not available to play at table games and only table game offered at live casinos.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a game that very many casino players appreciate and that is also the reason why there are so many players who choose to play at the onlinecasino. Roulette is a game that is about to be spinning a ball in a round wooden table which then lands on either a red, green or shiny number. The shiny number is there just because the game still will be the casino’s advantage. You can choose yourself how much you want to bet and even what number you want to bet. The smaller the chance that the small ball lands on your particular number and color, the greater the amount of money are you going to win!

Live Blackjack

Playing blackjack live is absolutely wonderful because it is a game where you are very engaged with the live dealer as you play against the game. The actual blackjack game is that you want to get as approaching the number 21 as possible with the cards you are dealt without coming across number 21. It can often go quite hot on the table when you sit there and play against the dealer who is certainly very nice and a very good loser, we must say. Besides, adds live blackjack to a dimension where someone can congratulate you and be happy for you when you win, and this we are truly something lacking in the other casino products.